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Anthony Pearlgood
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Records management at your fingertips, not under your feet

Constant pressures to improve efficiency and reduce costs are having a major impact on the commercial management of records and data within all UK business sectors.

PHS Recordsmanagement has been established to fulfil the market need for a specialist national service that can deliver fast and consistent access to any archived information;

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Why our customers choose PHS Recordsmanagement

Reasons why we think you should choose us for your secure archive storage: -

We'll never lose your records

This may seem like an unusual promise - records management companies don't usually lose boxes or files do they?  Well we never have but that's due to the way we store your files.  

PHS Recordsmanagement operate a Static Document Storage policy whereas other providers use Random Document Storage.  When your files are stored with us, that box is bar coded and given an allocated space on our shelves.  No matter how long you keep that box with us, or take it out, you will always keep that particular archive storage space in that exact location.  Other suppliers just store your box anywhere in their warehouse, so if you retrieve it, your box could go back into offsite data storage just about anywhere which is why boxes are often misplaced or lost.  We don't just rely on bar codes for records management - your space remains your space, we don't fill it with someone else's boxes just to maximise use of space on our shelves.

Safe and Secure document storage

Right, so we've established that we are far less likely to ever lose any of your documents than other suppliers.  But did you also know that most of our records management competitors still use water sprinklers within their document storage areas?  Water and files don't mix which is why we only use VESDA systems in our premises.  This is a very early warning smoke detection system which detects the smallest particles of smoke in the air.  This prevents the use of sprinklers and really is a state of the art system for serious protection of your documents, until you are ready for data destruction.

Easy access to your records

The system we use to maintain records gives you control over how you name your files.  We'll also give you a bar code for added security but this dual-naming approach gives you far greater flexibility when it comes to searching your internal files and boxes and could speed up retrieval of your files when you need them.

Still not convinced why PHS Recordsmanagement are the safe option for your document storage and archive storage?  Why not give us a call and put us to the test or find out more about our services on 0800 970 4871. Alternatively, search our branches for a location near you.

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